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Already have a deck for yourself? Know someone else who could use and appreciate a deck? Look no further! We have put together a beautiful gift package of both the deck of cards and a beautiful, lightweight bracelet with the word GRATEFUL on it. Perect for helping someone on a healing journey, or someone developing their Gratitude Practice, these bracelets make a lovely companion to a deck of inspirational mindfulness cards. For yourself, your family, friends, colleagues or teams, these cards are an innovative way to focus on what matters. Pick a card each day, week, or any time. Study the quote and the prompts, giving your life a new twist on words that matter. Ask yourself: "What would life be like with more of ... in it" and each card will help you with new perspectives.


Available for individual or bulk purchases. 

GIFT SET: 52-Words That Matter Card Deck plus GRATEFUL Bracelet

  • Each GIFT SET includes a lightweight bracelet with the word GRATEFUL on it, and a full deck of cards includes 52 inspiring words, quotes and thoughtful prompts to guide, in addition to suggested uses for the cards for self-study, reflection, journaling, sharing with others. Cards come shrink-wrapped and placed in a plastic case that snaps open and closed for easy and repeat access without wear-and-tear. GIFT SET INCLUDES BOTH IN AN ORGANZA GIFT BAG.

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