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Meet Our Founder: Karen Hoffman

Karen's commitment to helping people on their life
journeys has always been central to the work she's done.
She has facilitated and taught small groups for over 15
years. Those who learn with Karen say they have grown
in their own identity, with greater awareness and acknowledgement of what matters most and also having a toolkit of resources and practices to support living an intentional life. It is feedback about positive impact, leadership and facilitation that inspired her to pursue her current work with Living on Purpose. Karen worked for over 30 years with non-profit organizations as administrator, program director, and in community engagement.

With a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and an MBA, with a focus on community organizations, Karen was a licensed nursing home administrator, and is currently a trained facilitator for group learning initiatives, such as Wise Aging (a spiritual and practical course in living wisely and intentionally at different stages) and Grief Support Groups (through Faith & Grief in North Texas). Using gratitude and compassion as anchors in her life, Karen enjoys helping others cultivate practices of growth, resilience, mindful living and overall self-care. Karen's creativity, energy, empathy and passion for learning, personal development and growth come together to enrich lives of people with whom she works.


Karen in the Media

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