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52 Words That Matter Card Deck

Each deck of cards includes 52 inspiring words, quotes and thoughtful prompts to guide you, in addition to suggested uses for the cards for self-study, reflection, journaling, and sharing with others.      


Affirmations for Fertility Support

When going through the fertility process, health care providers, from physicians to mental wellbeing professionals, teach women the importance of self-care and positive mindset.

With this special deck of affirmations, developed exclusively for women trying to conceive, each card can be used daily to embrace optimism and hope, while calming the mind.

Affirmations to Ease Your Pain

Whether experiencing physical or emotional pain, regardless if it is acute or chronic, health care professionals say that using affirmations as part of your self-care routine will assist your overall wellbeing.

With this deck, designed in collaboration with health care providers, as well as with patients experiencing acute and chronic pain, we offer you a variety of affirmations to focus on each day, to help ease and accept the pain you're experiencing. For yourself - or great as a gift for anyone in pain - these cards cost less than a fresh bouquet of flowers. And they help improve attitude and mood.

Words That Matter™ for Children

Values We Want Our Youth to Embrace

How do we teach values and words that matter through play?

This deck of cards includes 25 universal values that are Words that Matter.™


There are countless ways to use these cards, inviting kids to play, learn and live important values:


  • Play matching games with multiple decks of cards; or create your own games with color, word-recognition, etc.

  • Invite kids to thoughtful table-talk or bedtime conversations around the meaning of these words.

  • Teach colors, word-recognition and kid-friendly descriptions of the words, as concepts to embrace.

Recommended for Preschool and Elementary-Aged Children, Teachers and Families.

Mindfulness in Every Day Living

Join us this summer as we​

  • Discuss the science behind the value of mindfulness.

  • Explore practical ways mindfulness enriches our lives.

  • Practice different modalities of mindful living.

  • Develop individual self-care plans that will help

  • cultivate personal practices.


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Bringing Attention to Intention

Our Story 

Living on Purpose helps people on their personal journeys, to live a life of greater meaning. Through a variety of modalities and  settings, we offer workshops, retreats and individual guidance. We believe that through shared connections around universal values such as humility, gratitude, generosity and kindness, people will lead more intentional and meaningful lives.


Embark on this journey with us, cultivating a regular practice of mindfulness, with attention to identifying and strengthening your intentions.  

Our 2022 release of long-awaited card decks provide extraordinary tools for personal development (toddlers through adults) with Words that Matter™ for values explorations and our Affirmation decks. See Product page for details.