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"Thank you, Karen. Your soothing disposition is infectious and I look forward to more time with you!" Jodi, Course Participant, Spring 2022


"I am so grateful for the Words that Matter cards and look forward to continued connection and learning together." Elana. WA

"Karen's experience and thoughtful approach helped me develop a one-day presentation for my high school students...Her attention to detail, listening skills, and personal touch were greatly appreciated.    Deanna, High School Business Principles Teacher


"One of the most meaningful programs in our annual learning series" Debra and Bob

"When I first heard that Karen was leaving a more traditional corporate role to help others more directly, I was excited because the gifts she has to share should certainly not be limited to one community. The way she has embraced the opportunity to excel in teaching and facilitating with online resources has been inspiring.” Anonymous 

"I participated in a workshop Karen facilitated on creating your own moments of meaning and purpose. It was a wonderful experience learning about different gratitude practices such as blessing jars, art of affirmations, and accountability partners, just to name a few. Karen's approach was just what I needed at the time, which was calm, joyfulness, and purpose. If you have an opportunity to learn with Karen, I highly recommend you do so. You will be forever changed." Annice, K-8 Educator

"Working with Karen is always a treat; she is prepared and passionate about inspiring others to live mindfully to their fullest potential."    Carol, Group Participant since 2015


"As a psychologist, when I reviewed the original deck of cards that Living on Purpose created for the online portal, I easily thought of many ways they could be used with my patients, individually and in group settings." Dr. Paula Schwartz


"I am a parent. After learning about Living on Purpose, I was excited to hear that their next phase will be focused on children and family learning. The values and character traits that they use as the basis for a curriculum will be a helpful tool for

my husband and me in raising our children."  Bethann, mother of 2 & 5 year olds


"I am always looking for new tools that I can bring in for professional development. The services and products from Living on Purpose are fresh new resources that I will use often with different teams. The fact that she customizes “decks” to align with the goal of a specific staff meeting is a huge bonus!" Corporate Sales Team Leader, 2021


"As an employee who works on team-building exercises with my staff, board members and volunteers, having this easy and accessible tool and the supporting resources that Living on Purpose provides ensures that an activity or session with her won’t be a ‘one-and-done’ experience. Karen’s creativity and openness are even more than we expected."  Non-Profit Manager


"I live in another country and have friends and family all over the world. At a time when we weren’t able to travel, Karen created opportunities for not only gathering online, but also having robust conversations about things that truly matter. Karen’s demeanor and approach are very welcoming and I always look forward to the opportunities I have to learn with her, with friends and family from around the world."  International Group Participant

"The original cards make a perfect gift from the heart at great prices; such great conversations and journal prompts"  Stephanie

"The cards are beautiful and inspirational; the owner is a delight to work with." Beth

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