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Sample of Past Programs

Words that Matter: Exploring Universal Values
with Karen Hoffman and Susan Stein
We had a successful 5-week series in April and May on how Gratitude, Play, Resilience, Rest and Connection can have more meaningful roles in your own life. 
Series Description: 
Susan Stein (Art with Susan) and Karen Hoffman (Living on Purpose) offer a 5-session series on Words that Matter - exploring what life would be like with more attention to five universal values that we love to share:

Gratitude - Play - Resilience - Rest - Connection

We embrace this question with each word we explore together: “What would my life be like with more focus on…?”

Live that question with us — explore opportunities to invite more of each targeted word into your life. Over time, experience has shown that, gradually, your life and your outlook can be improved with micro-changes and adjustments.

Join us as we utilize creative approaches to exploring these
Words That Matter™ in meaningful and practical ways.


In this unique, live, online 5-week series, we focus on one specific word each session, bringing our individual and collective creativity to you in the comfort of your home.


We also experiment and create through art with tools you already have at home. No prior art experience required - we are tapping into ourselves; sharing is always optional. 


In an effort to cultivate personal growth, we spend time facilitating shared experiences around different words through poetry, texts and discussion, introducing creative activities that will illuminate what we are studying, and reflecting on what we’ve explored and how we can practically use these new tools in our everyday life. 

Interested in our upcoming collaborative offerings?
Half-Day Women's Retreat to Refresh 
Getting ready for the arrival of Spring? Give yourself the gift of a half-day retreat, with a small group, at a ranch in Rockwall, Texas.             

Words that Matter Workshops
Please contact Karen for specific details on workshop dates. Starting in Fall, 2021, we have had multi-access opportunities: in-person workshops for small groups, as well as classes meeting via Zoom to accommodate different time zones and safety precautions. 

Customize Learning with Karen
Want to work 1:1 or in your own small group with Karen facilitating? Contact Karen directly to custom-design your journey as you explore bringing more attention to intention in your life. 

Living Wisely Series in partnership with Retreat House

Have you recently transitioned into a new life stage? Perhaps you’re an empty nester or maybe you’re a recent graduate working for the first time professionally. You might be considering a career change, because the “old ways” just aren’t working any longer. You might even be considering a lifestyle change, because fatigue is not your desired status quo. You could even be a new parent or newly-wed and missing aspects of your old life. The situations are endless.


Whether you’re 23, 53 or 83 or somewhere in between or beyond, there is wisdom to collect and share in each life stage. And, age doesn’t necessarily equal wisdom, though many times it can accompany getting older.


Wherever you are on your path, your experience has value. In this series, we invite you to learn and share with us as we explore facets of living our best lives, with ancient and modern teachings, readings, activities and discussions.

Fall-Winter 2021 with new dates to be announced soon - via Zoom 

November - Gratitude Plus Workshops 
Bring your friends and family as we celebrate a month of gratitude in 60-Minute Workshops via ZoomVaried times to meet multiple time zone availability. Sign up for one or multiple sessions. 
Positive Judaism: Living Our Values with Words that Matter™ 
in partnership with Congregation Beth Torah
Through discussions, activities and reflections, we deepen our connections to our Jewish journeys as individuals and as a community.  Participants cultivate personal and spiritual growth through the use of Jewish text, poetry and positive Jewish and universal values. 

Classes will take place over Zoom, to allow participation for those who don't like to drive in winter months and for people from outside of the DFW Metroplex. 

Tuesdays, 11:45 a.m. (Central) to 1:00 p.m.

January 10, 17, 24. 31, February 7, 14, 2023

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Susan Stein
Creativity Mentor
Founder Art with Susan
Karen Hoffman,
Mindful Living Guide,
Founder Living on Purpose
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