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Buy two decks of our original Words that Matter™ for Children card decks, put them together, and create your own Matching Games for two or more people. Words that Matter™ for Children: Values We Want Our Children to Embrace. 

How do we teach them through play? This deck of cards includes 25 universal values that are Words that Matter.™ There are countless ways to use these cards, inviting kids to play, learn and live important values. They love playing self-created versions of Go Fish ("Do you have CREATIVITY?") and the traditional matching games.

TWO-PACK Words that Matter™ for Children

  • "My kids light-up when I take out this bright, fun deck of cards. They love playing Memory Match and Go Fish with the two decks combined."


    "I've used them in my classroom; as a teacher, I love the versatility of the cards and the simplicity of both design and language. These concepts are often hard to teach through playing; our class has really enjoyed them."


    "Parents have asked me about the cards. As a Pre-K teacher, it is very rewarding to have parents asking for the tools I'm using in our learning environment - and supporting the learning through conversations at home. Win-Win. Thank you!"


    "My child loves when I ask her how school was - and the addition of talking about how she used a particular value in school is so beautiful. I love that she asks her mom and me what WE did to show a particular value when we have a family discussion."


    "Two decks make a great birthday present. They are bright, cheerful, fun AND educational - all wrapped into one pretty package. Thanks."

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