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Words that Matter™ for Children: Values We Want Our Children to Embrace. How do we teach them through play? This deck of cards includes 25 universal values that are Words that Matter.™ There are countless ways to use these cards, inviting kids to play, learn and live important values.

Words that Matter™ for Children

  • "My child loves when I ask her how school was - and the addition of talking about how she used a particular value in school is so beautiful. I love that she asks her mom and me what WE did to show a particular value when we have a family discussion."


    "My grandchildren love that I keep a deck at my house. When they come to visit, we talk about different cards. My younger grandchildren can't read yet, but love to organize the cards in 'ABC' order or rainbow order. It's great to observe them playing without realizing they're learning. Thank you for this brilliant idea you've created."


    "I am a teacher during the day and I provide childcare on weekends. I enjoy bringing this to the kids I babysit because most of them don't have their own decks yet; so my decks are novel and we have fun together."


    "We have brought these into our elementary school and parents often ask teachers and counselors where we got them. They are a really creative and dynamic tool in education."


    "The designers' attention to detail like font style, card size, bright colors and the words all come together to make a product that we are proud to share with others. How awesome it is when we hear kids figuring out what 'value' word the other is reading about from a card. It's fun watching kids create their own games with the cards."

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