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If you'd like to display a particular card in a classroom, office, or on a bedside table, we can add these small table-top stands to your order. At $1 each, these stands provide stablity and portability for a daily card to be on display. Some people even display them and read them while brushing their teeth as a reminder. 

Small Table-Top Stand for Card Display

  • "I bought the stand because I wanted my uncle to have the card in front of him during the day, as he was recovering from a recent illness. It's compact and he can carry it into another room too."


    "The stand is small sturdy enough to hold one of these cards, making the card portable. I enjoy placing it in front of me in front of my mirror in the morning as I read an affirmation to myself. I use the healing deck of affirmations and my friend is using the Affirmations for Fertility Support, as she goes through IVF."


    "Great little addition so that the card can be on display wherever you want it to stand. Thanks for the addition!"

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