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Whether your pain is physical, emotional or mental - and whether it is chronic or acute - we know that having a non-judgmental and optimistic outlook on life aides in pain management. What better way to gift yourself - or someone you care about - than a beautifully-designed card deck of affirmations specially designed to ease one's pain. Inspired by her own husband's healing journey, the artist selected affirmations that assisted in both acute and chronic physical pain and the attitudes and emotions that traveled like a roller-coaster. Now you can have your own deck, or gift to anyone, anywhere, for less than the cost of flowers or a plant.

Affirmations to Ease Your Pain

  • "I gave these to a friend who recently lost her husband. She is in emotional pain and she loved how these cards spoke to her."


    "I love each of these cards. I would definitely buy them if they were printed as a book - they are that pretty. I would also love them as magnets. I haven't tried the table-top stand, but I'll probably get that next time I purchase a deck. Keep growing - these are great!"


    "I use these daily as inspiration as I'm healing."


    "Thank you for designing these. I received them as a gift when in the hospital; now I give them to everyone I know instead of flowers. The art work is beautiful and calming."


    "These cards have been a helpful addition to my self-care routine. Thank you for the lovely sentiments and design."

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