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Health Care Providers teach women who are going through the fertility process that a critical component is self-care and a positive mindset. With this new set of affirmation cards, designed exclusively for women trying-to-conceive, women can use a different card each day to embrace optimism, hope and tranquility, calming their minds from everyday chatter.


For yourself, your partner, or someone you care about, this deck of 20 beautifully designed cards can be part of any woman's prenatal self-care routine. We consulted with physcians, fertility experts, and mental wellbeing professionals to select the affirmations providers use with their patients during this often-emotional time.




Affirmations for Fertility Support

  • Each deck of cards includes 20 inspiring affirmations with handmade aesthetic that is naturally soothing, in addition to suggested uses for the cards. Cards come shrink-wrapped and in a sturdy organza pouch for easy use.

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